Hilltop Elementary School
12250 24th Avenue South Burien, WA 98168


School Lunch BBQ-May 22, 2019

School Lunch BBQ-May 22, 2019

Come enjoy a lunch BBQ with your student during their lunch time here at Hilltop Elementary. 

This event will be on Wednesday, May 22nd. 

We will have Hot dogs and Vegan burgers on the menu.  

Grade Level Lunches are as follows:

Kindergarten-11:20-11:40 am

Grade 1-11:35-11:55 am

Grade 2-11:45 am-12:05 pm

Grade 3-12:05-12:25 pm

Grade 4-12:15-12:35 pm

Grade 5-12:25-12:45 PM

Grade 6-12:35-12:55 PM